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Skiing is for pretentious douche bags.

Posted in senseless ranting with tags , , on January 7, 2009 by DSC

I went skiing. It was ASS.

Skiing always SEEMED like fun. As I have found out, it is not.

Skiing LOOKS cool, with the snazzy outfits and fastness and shit. In reality, it is hard and sucks ass.

There are lots of things more fun than skiing (like, pretty much anything), including many that can be done outside in the snow and infront of others. The only reason anyone would choose the horrible option of skiing is because “everyone else” thinks it is “cool”.

You know what doing things because “everyone else” thinks it’s “cool” tends to make you? A PRETENTIOUS DOUCHE BAG. If you “like” skiing, you probably own an ipod and read the Twilight books a day before you went to see the movie and do all sorts of other PRETENTIOUS DOUCHE BAG things!!

An apology to all the pretentious douche bags out there. I’m sure at least one of you are good people, and none of us are immune to copying your essence Even my love of electronic-y dance pop is not completely unironic (though I don’t own a fucking ipod and don’t read or watch movies about shitty vampires).

This post brought to you by seething rage and ankles/lower calves that are all fucked up to the point of being practically useless by wearing ski boots.