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WTF Google, WTF?

Posted in senseless ranting, this probably explains a lot with tags , , , on January 11, 2009 by DSC

Y’know that little icon that appears next to the page title in your bookmarks and the URL in the address bar? Apparently that thing is called a favicon. Who knew?

Anyway, Google changed theirs. They changed it to this ugly monstrosity:

Ugly monstrosity of a flavicon that makes me hate Google more.

Look at that! Look at that thing! What is wrong with it? How do I make it go away? What possessed Google to do such a thing ? WHYYYYY?!?!?!?!?

People who are not me tend to like Google. I think they may be both God and Satan (I also think that about Microsoft. I guess I’m a polytheist), and I’m leaning a bit towards Satan. I mean, there’s a reason I’m not using Blogger. (That reason being I’m not terribly fond of Google as a whole, even though I did quite like the easy coustomization when I briefly used it for something else once).

I already quit using GMail some time ago because it sucks (I can’t find anything when I tag it. I’m a boring file system sort of person, and I fit better with every other web mail system ever designed), and don’t click ads (if something has to advertize to me, I probably don’t want it, and if I do, I’ll try to find an alternitive to it that didn’t annoy me by being an advertizement), but now, until the fugly monstrosity of a favicon meets its demise, I’m not using Google.

Hello again,, old friend. I have hopes you will be as good to me now as you once were.