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I have the attention span of a gnat.

Posted in other crap, probably more than you needed to know, senseless ranting, this probably explains a lot, video games with tags , , , on March 20, 2009 by DSC

I’m assuming that gnat’s don’t have much of an attention span. It doesn’t seem like they would; I mean, they’re all tiny and flit around a lot. Not exactly conducive to concentration, y’know.

Anyway, as a result of having no notable attention span, there are some things that I am just not a fan of. Books more than a couple hundred pages, eleventy billion hour video games,  movies longer than an hour-fourty, and SONGS LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES.

I can give a little leway on the books, because they can be put down and picked up much later, and movies, too, can be paused, which is never a problem for me because oddly enough everyone tends to think the movies I like are boring as hell, so no one will watch them with me. Video games can also be put down, but there’s always issues with reremebering what buttons do what and getting your muscle memory back for a bit after you first re-pick it up, and the kind of games I like just tend to not be eleventy billion hours long. (As I belive I have mentioned, my favorite game is God of War, and it is not unreasonable to sit down one weekend and expect to get through a play-though of it by Monday.(And if you do decide to run out and rent it (or buy it, it’s probably like $20 new by now) this weekend on my recomendation, I’m just gonna say that circle circle triange is your best friend in the world.)). But SONGS. SONGS cannot be paused without messing up the flow. And there is NEVER any reason for them to be over 5 minutes. Hell, much over 4 is REALLY pushing it.

My local radio station, which is a very good rock station that I generally love very much, sometimes gets a mad-on for playing one particular Pantera song. Now, it should be noted that I’m not really a Pantera fan. They’re just not my thing. This does not mean they’re bad, if fact, this probably means that they’re good, because I have an aversion to good music and only listen to absolute shit. (I could expand upon my music philosophy, but that is a whole ‘nother blog post worth of material, and I’m just stating this because I know there’s people out there that would gut me if I talked shit about Dimebag Darrell). But I do hate the song Cemetery Gates. I have a lot of beef with that song, but my main one is that it is apparently 7 minutes long. SEVEN FUCKING MINUTES LONG. And it FEELS like no less than 15.

Now, I have nothing against you if you are a crazy who listens to twenty minute songs. I just think they are hella unnessicary and they annoy the shit out of me when played on the radio.

This entry brough to you by still being awake 3AM, Squirt Citrus Power, and forgetting the point (which may be attributed to the gnat attention span thing). Tune in next time when I may actually be coherent!



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I’m not gonna emo all over my shiny new blog, but I have to say that if pretty much everyone who isn’t me dropped dead right now, I wouldn’t be entirely saddened. It makes me think of a song by a sort of obscure band I like.

Quick related story: Once upon a time, I was flicking through channels on a Friday night/technically really early Saturday morning and I had finally bothered to pop up the nifty little guide thing. So I was just reading the title of shows until I saw something that looked like it didn’t suck ass when I saw a show called “Frisky Dingo”. Now, if you were just flicking through channels and saw that a show called “Frisky Dingo” was on, you’d turn it on just to find out what sort of weird ass show was titled Frisky Dingo, wouldn’t you? Well, even if you wouldn’t, I would and did and found out that Frisky Dingo is was (FUCK) a HILARIOUS cartoon on Cartoon Network’s [adult swim]. The theme song for a couple of the episodes was a great song, “Lightning Bolt” by Attractive Eighties Women. And that’s how I discovered Attractive Eighties Women.

(Sadness: In grabbing links for this entry, I’ve learned that the people who make Frisky Dingo have moved on and there will be no season 3 (and the spin off, The Xtacles has also been canceled. Sad boosh))

Anyway: Attractive Eighties Women is an awesome, very funny band and you should listen too it. I had a better shpeel, but then I wrote the story of how I discovered AeW and now I’m kinda sad. And the song I was referring to was “Gonna Throw a Party When You Die”. I’m also fond of “Master Cylinder” and “They Shoot Hipsters, Don’t They?”

My day/week was really kinda sucky, but this post was almost entirely to pimp AeW and Frisky Dingo (although I’m too fucking late for Frisky Dingo dammit. Sad-fucking-boosh). I just took the opening and ran with it.