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Of Dinos and Chairs

Posted in of dinosaurs and chairs, pretentious shit, probably more than you needed to know, this probably explains a lot on January 3, 2009 by DSC

You’re probably wondering what sort of content a blog has with a name like “Dinosaurs Sexing Chairs” contains. Well, I can’t tell you that because I’m not even sure of that myself. I’m guessing it’ll be a random collection of shit I personally find interesting at the moment spewed forth for public view. Links, reviews of random stuff, my occasional shitty attempts at web comics,  stuff like that, likely with my usual sprinkling of vulgarities and choppy sentence structure.

Although I can’t tell you the content, I can tell you the origins of the… unique… name.

Some time ago, I was watching late night television. A comedian whose name I can no longer remember made a joke about porn site popups and how horrible it would be if you were found dead infront of your computer after getting caught up in a pornado and the website on the screen was something really freaky, like dinosaurs having sex with chairs. The mental image of a dinosaur fucking dining room chair that formed in my mind stuck with me, and as I discovered the internet all it became a personal symbol for all that is good, and right, and wrong, and horrible, and wonderful about the internet.

I’d like this blog to contain bits of what is good, right, wrong, horible, and wonderful about the internet.

God, that sounded fucking pretentous.