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Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Posted in Holidays, other people's blogs with tags , , , on March 17, 2009 by DSC

Green beer and corned beef & cabbage for all! Okay, well not for me because I’m not old enough to drink yet (and even if I was, I used all the green food coloring to temp dye my hair for last Halloween, and my dad drinks beer so cheap¬† that if it were any more generic the cans would just say “BEER” on them. Shit smells awful and I can’t imagine it tasting much better) and I don’t even know what corned beef & cabbage is.

But I ate a potato tonight, that’s totally good enough, right?

Anyway, enjoy the holiday and this Indexed. And while you’re there, read some of the other ones. Indexed is the shiznik for people who like graphs of non-math things.

Yes, that’s right, I totally just used the word “shiznik”.¬† Oh, and if anyone was wondering, those Dollar Store M&Ms were just fine strangely enough, and I haven’t eaten those year old Peeps yet. Maybe this weekend.