Year Old Easter Peeps.

8:05 PM – Sorry about being a little late, I had to find where I had misplaced the year old  peeps, but never fear! They have been found and I am taking the plastic off the box. They don’t seem to be overly hard. All the purple sugar seems intact, and pulling one away from the others reveals the marshallowiness to not be all that sticky and to be a very light green color (I’m guessing the color is the way it is supposed to be. I hope)

8:10 – One Peep eaten! It has some tackiness to it but isn’t sticky. Less sweet than the fresh ones, and is signifcantly less fluffy, but still fairly soft.

8:16 – Half the box down, and my teeth are starting to hurt from the sugar, so I’m gonna take a brake. These Peeps are really no worse than the fresh peeps that I let sit out unwrapped overnight last week. Do Peeps have a maximum staleness? Who knows? Back later when the whole box has been downed.

8:26 –  2 more to go. Just looked at the expiration date, these fuckers don’t go bad until September of  this year. Y’know how they say the only thing left after the nuclear armegedon will be cockroaches and Twinkies? Peeps will be there, too.



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