Dollar Store M&Ms

In the great area of the US where I happen to live there are stores known as Dollar Stores, where most things in the store are available for, well, $1. They are possibly the most awesome places ever because you can walk in with a $20 bill, buy 10 sponges, dish liquid, a 2-liter bottle of  pop, a thing to keep the hair out of the bathtub drain, some candy, chips, a wrist support deally, a teeny-tiny Dr. Doom action figure, and some Fantastic Bubblastic Plastic, and walk out with some cash still in your pocket.

The places are usually filled with off-brand stuff, which is why stuff is so cheap. Any name brand stuff is and probably should be met with suspicion.

Well, my mother has returned from the dollar store and presented me with a marshmallow bunny thing (giant off-brand peep), a hollow chocolate bunny (Palmer brand, but Palmer chocolate candy tastes like ass when you pay full price, so there really can’t be anything all that more wrong with it), and some M&Ms.

They appear to be normal, name brand M&Ms chocolate candies. The peanut kind, because they kick the ass of the lame regular ones. The crunchy ones that they probably don’t make anymore were even better though. Anyway, these normal M&Ms appear to have no more deformities than your average M&Ms. Seeing as they were bought at a dollar store, I am scared shitless to eat them.

I think I’m going to eat the Peeps that have been under my bed for a year and see if I still want M&Ms after that…

Woo! Content! As I have linked this blog a few places and might, y’know, get some readers, you can probably expect more of it. Maybe. And yes, I do infact have year old Peeps under my bed, the purple chick kind, all in their plastic wrapped box,  wrapped in another bag. But I probably won’t really eat them tonight. I think that the candy I stuffed in my purse when a teachered offered everyone as much candy as they wanted because she didn’t want to keep it all over spring break should do.


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