Oh no he didn’t! (Another post relating to the ShamWOW! Guy)

Billy Mays calls out ShawWOW! Guy

Okay, so you all know of my fondness for the ShamWOW! Guy, so I would consider this almost a personal insult. I would, if I didn’t know that ShamWOW! Guy would KICK ASS! I mean, what is Billy thinking?

Wouldn’t it be better for him to at least get warmed up by challenging someone else first? Maybe pick a fight with with Tony Little for no reason whatsoever? Or you know, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Chef Tony hawking a imitator Quick-chop or whatever the fuck its called when not trying to sell me a nice set of knives; maybe go after him? I mean, I know Billy’s a big dog, but he’s gonna go DOWN.

Let us look at this lovely ShamWOW! promotional image with bonus hilarious caption by somebody over at roflrazzi:

Do you want to eff with that guy? Do you? I know I sure as hell wouldn’t want to.

No body even remembers the Zorbee, Billy.  ShamWOW! is where it’s at now, man. Go back to screaming at me about OxiClean and OrangeGlo and Mighty Putty and whatever other shit that doesn’t really work you’re still selling these days, old man. No one can touch the ShamWOW! Guy.

Yes, I’m back from my long mysterious absence. No, I won’t be talking about it. Yes, I will be posting more. I have a series of posts about my trash can lined up for just as soon as I can find my digital camera. Seriously. Oh, and I really have nothing against Billy Mays (other than first hand experience with the products he sells being made of LIES), Vince is just better.


One Response to “Oh no he didn’t! (Another post relating to the ShamWOW! Guy)”

  1. the guy who hosts the Shamwow commercials is truly inspirational

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