Well, I still haven’t fallen through a glitched wall yet (Or more Sonic Unleashed)

I had a huge inner debate on what to call this entry, but “Well, I still haven’t fallen through a glitched wall yet” finally won out over “I can’t believe it’s not God of War!” , “Puzzles, and button press sequences, and crappy camera, oh my!”  “No, I am not fast enough to dodge this, you asshole”  and  “Can I kill the little fairy thing? I mean, you got to throw Omichao off a cliff in SA2…”


So… I played a little more Sonic Unleashed today. Finally kicked the ass of the demony boss thing at the end of the first night level after figuring out that you’re supposed to spend the points you collect by killing things and grabbing those MtDew colored gemy looking dealies on upgrades to make you die less.

After finishing that up and doing the rediculous “run around and talk to people in the sorta free roam glorified level select area” thing, I started the next level, yet another night time one.

This night time level introduced mind numbingly simple, STUPID puzzle sort of things involving moving blocks onto switches and shit. Tedious and annoying. At least the God of War style play is always fun; button mashing never gets old.

The next level is a Daytime level. A nice return to furiously fast Sonic fun.

And then the first “proper” boss fight comes up. Dr. Robotnik in his new robotic thing hell bent on distroying you, the “Egg Beetle”.

When are they going to run out of  “Egg something”  names for the things? And when they do, can we go back to calling the villian by his proper name (and don’t give me shit about how was always  Eggman in Japan or anything like that. He’s Dr. Robotnik and always has been to me, dammit!)?

I have not finished the boss fight because, well, no, I am not fast enough to dodge this, you asshole. Also, unless I’m missing something obvious, or it’s one of those battles where it gets interupted/changes majorly halfway through, it’s a long ass battle.


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