And you thought OmiChao was annoying (Or 20 minutes of playing Sonic Unleashed)

Let me preface this review thing with some general background about me:

I was practically born with a controler in my hand, and the first game I remember playing is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Sega Genesis. Sonic 2 is probably my favorite game ever, followed fairly closely by Sonic Adventure. If it is a Sonic game on a console that isn’t the Wii (which I will never play for various reasons that I may explain at a later date), I’ve probably played it (though possibly ported onto another system).

I go into every new Sonic game WANTING to love it. As any fan of the Sonic series will tell you, the recent games have been… disapointing, to say the least. 2006’s Sonic the Hedgehog was a festering pile of shit, my least favorite game ever, and I’ve never actually finished the first level. It was even worse than Sonic Heroes, which was pretty goddamn shitty.

There’s a lot to be said about the Sonic games and their progression. I could go on for a really long time about it, but I think it is summarized quite well in the Zero Punctuation Sonic Unleashed review. That vid actually pretty much sums up what I thought of the game myself (I don’t think it tainted my thoughts, as I bought the game anyway after veiwing it, wanting to love it after playing the demo), and I wanted an excuse to link people (there are people reading this, right?) to it, as I was linked to it myself just a few days ago, watched them all and thought they were briliant.

Even though that vid pretty much explains my thoughts, I’m going to write my thoughts down anyway.

Sonic Unleashed has some crazy ass storyline. Like, Dr. Robotnik sorta explodes the Earth, releasing some… thing from the center of it crazy. I don’t even know. In doing this, he somehow sorta depletes the Chaos Emeralds and turns Sonic into a werewolf sorta thing (a werewolf sorta thing with stretchy arms…).

Sonic falls to Earth (the whole exploding the earth thing took place in outerspace…) and discovers some weird-ass little fairy creature thing that has amnesia. He starts calling this little fairy thing “Chip”. Chip has an annoying voice and will yell “Sonic!” and give you game tips any time you run into one of those floaty question mark thingies. He’s the new OmiChao. Only more annoying. And more present. Seriously.

The game has two distinct play modes, Day and Night.

Levels that take place durring the day are standard 3D Sonic fare. On rails, almost 2D platforming in a 3D environment. Camera that leaves something to be desired (a combination of Sonic being fast and  not being able to control the camera). Jumping on robots, collecting rings. All that jazz. And it ain’t half bad as far as I can tell; I haven’t fallen through any nonsolid floors/walls or homing attacked into nothingness yet. Not a masterpeice, but it’s fun.

The there is the night levels. Still on rails, much slower though. Camera is still shit. But now, instead of jumping on robots, you use werewolf sorta thing Sonic’s crazy stretchy arms to hack at and throw little demony thingies. If you almost finish them off, you get a chance to do a stylish finisher via button press sequence. I suck ass at button press seqences, and if you fail, the little fuckers get all their health back and you have to kill them again, so I just avoid the things.

I can’t honestly say that the night levels are BAD, they’re just not SONIC. They’re GOD OF WAR. God of War is a perfectly fine game, in fact I love it, I’d put it in my top ten favorite games ever, but I don’t want God of War in my Sonic. I own a copy of God of War, a PS2, and all various and sudry equiptment nessicary to use it.

If I want to beat the shit out of some demon thingies by mashing buttons like there is no tomorrow, I’ll play God Of War.

These are just my first impressions of the game, as I’ve only played for twenty minutes and the boss(?) at the end of the first night level is kicking my ass and it doesn’t even have a proper name.


2 Responses to “And you thought OmiChao was annoying (Or 20 minutes of playing Sonic Unleashed)”

  1. Yup, they messed up this one, why can’t they just make an improved version of the old Sonic game

  2. dinosaurssexingchairs Says:

    Exactly, Mobius. Heck, I bet that if they remade one of the original 2D Sonics in 3D Sonic Adventure style, it would sell a bajillion copies and receive great praise.

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